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How to remove Articles in a joomla! article

Using Language Overrides

If you do some research, you’ll discover that this “Articles” header only appears for articles which aren’t linked to a menu item. To remove this header, we’re going to use a built-in Joomla! option: the Language Overrides.  Here’s how it’s done.

1.  Go to your Joomla! back-end and log in.

2. Navigate to “Extensions > Language Manager”

3. Click the “Overrides” tab.

Screenshot 23

4. Click “New”.  A new screen opens.

5. In this new screen, write the following in the “Language Constant” field: JGLOBAL_ARTICLES

6. Leave the text field empty, and save the override.

As a result, the “Articles” will be stripped everywhere in your website, which solves your problem with the unwanted text!

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